Entering The Vault

In order to enter the Old Time Radio Vault, you need one of two things:

  1. An FTP client program, or
  2. A web browser

FTP Client

I recommend using an FTP client, as there are several things they can do that your browser cannot do. You login using "anonymous login", meaning you use the word "anonymous" (without the quotes) as your username, and you use your (correct) email address as your password. Connect to this sitename:


If you don't have an FTP client and wish to take our advice and use one, you need to find one and install it. There are a great many FTP clients out there, but if you're using Windows (95/98/NT/2000), I suggest you try something called "Bulletproof FTP". Alternately, I've had a few people recommend an easy-to-use program called GoZilla, and I've also found "Cute FTP" has been highly recommended by some. Most should be available on various file-download sites such as Tucows.

If you use a Mac or other platform, I'm afraid you'll have to look around for something. (If you have a good client program for these platforms, let me know and I'll make arrangements with you to put it on this page.)

Web Browsers

I really don't recommend that you use your web browser. For one thing, the Vault is a very, very busy place, and often your attempt to login will fail because there are too many users online and it won't allow an additional user to login. YOUR WEB BROWSER WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS and instead will give you an obscure error message that is both uninformative and plain misleading.

If you ABSOLUTELY MUST use your web browser, then click the following link:


Tip for Netscape users: this page is within a "frame" and some versions of Netscape have a bug that prevents FTP sites from displaying date and time information if loaded within a frame. There is currently no easy workaround for this problem, other than the following:

  1. Close all Netscape windows (shut Netscape down entirely)
  2. Restart Netscape from scratch
  3. Manually type in (or cut and paste from this page) this URL - ftp://ftp.oldtimeradiovault.com

Please be patient. The Vault is extraordinarily busy and you may find the service to be very, very slow.

Uploading is not permitted on the free server. This is because many uploads spontaneously abort, leaving behind a broken file. If you have some file(s) you wish to donate to the Vault, please send them via email to vaultkeeper@oldtimeradiovault.com (and thanks!)

NOTE! We've now implemented a Subscription Service. Click Here For Details.